Don’t just take our word for it

In 2016 Extra Energy Supply Ltd decided to select Platform D-Risk Ltd as partner for the management of the operational delivery and processing of the entire Energy Company Obligation (ECO) that was placed on the company. This included sourcing measures from selected installers and submission of quality assured measures directly to Ofgem. Extra Energy maintained control and overall responsibility by use of the real-time reports the platform offers.

Platform D-Risk have exceeded our expectations by building a high-quality network of installation and delivery partners ensuring all measures were approved by Ofgem through rigorous Pre and Post install verification processes – with the significant majority of measures subject to on-site Technical Monitoring, thereby ensuring a high level of Customer Satisfaction. Furthermore, the carbon delivered was protected by a Hiscox insurance policy, giving us assurance that if a measure was rejected for any reason, it could be replaced at no further cost to ourselves.

Based on the performance we received I would have no hesitation in recommending the service.

Richard L Rose

Chief Financial Officer

Keepmoat Regeneration has significant experience in the delivery of funded energy efficiency works, with over £70m of measures installed so far. We have used a number of software solutions and the D-Risk Platform introduces a number of benefits which help improve our overall ECO banking process. These include clear tracking of each ECO submission, full overview of the technical monitoring process with feedback on each inspection, quick notification of non-compliant documents and an automatic payment process. Coupled with a true partnership approach from the D-Risk team we’re happy to recommend the D-Risk Platform to others in the energy efficiency sector.

Andy Merrin

Head of Energy & Innovation

A C Whyte & Co Limited worked with Platform D-Risk during delivery of ECO 2, we found their true partnership approach, total transparency and being paid on time refreshing, I would have no hesitation in recommending them to any potential partner.

Jennifer Phine

Managing Director

We started to work with d-Risk via Area Eco from the end October 2016.

We were offered a funding opportunity to install Cavity Wall and Loft Insulation to provide carbon savings against an energy company’s carbon reduction obligation.

The onboarding process was straightforward and completed without any fuss and in fact was one of the quickest and easiest I have ever completed within CERT/CESP and ECO.

When it came to actually obtaining approval for a measure to fit the d-Risk platform made the submission of the measure for this prior approval simple but effective and measures were turned around and given the go ahead in a very short period of time, even approval of (Virgin Lofts).

Once a measure was installed the method of completion on the platform was simple and if a document or photograph was missed we were made aware of it very quickly.

The platform highlights the position of a measure from start to finish from the original survey for approval to submission to technical monitoring to finally payment. The whole system is designed to get a measure through the minefield that is ECO without having to rectify the documentation time again and again.

Although there are other surveying platforms that can be used within the ECO system this is the only system that tracks each measure and shows exactly where it is in the submission process and can be accessed easily.

The staff at d-Risk were extremely helpful to us throughout the process and were contactable throughout our time submitting measures through the system.

Although we were skeptical about this system at the start of the process we all became aware at an early stage that this platform together with the inspection regime that this was a method of working that should have been carried out during the existence of ECO.

The main advantage is the fact that the personnel at d-Risk have the experience and knowledge necessary to deal with all the pitfalls within the submission system for ECO 2, and IO cannot speak too highly of them or the platform.

I personally have 25 years experience working in this sector from fitting to managing and I can state that this has been the best platform for delivering measures I have ever worked with.

Kevin Miller

Operations Manager

The d-Risk platform was used by us for the first time in order to manage the compliance for carbon lodgements on External Wall/Solid Wall insulation schemes throughout the UK’.

The Platform itself was very easy to use and became more effective when ‘new updates’ were added detailing the different stages of compliance approvals.’ Once we started to get approvals through, the process became quicker which was more down to our understanding of the some of the requirements needed in advance on future properties which helped progress.

The platform is an excellent platform that becomes more effective as you use it.

Mike Roberts

Managing Director

Our experience with using the D-Risk platform was very positive. The system was easy to use with a step by step guide and competent staff were available on hand by telephone or email when required. Any queries or technical problems were dealt with very quickly so it didn’t interfere with the daily flow of work. Having the pre-compliance checked and passed before being passed for install made a huge difference when submitting the measure post install; there were no unnecessary hold ups with compliance issues which allowed us to concentrate on new installs without the worry of payments being delayed.

Peter Ferrier

Managing Director

The d-risk platform is by far the most user-friendly system of its kind and is a great way to ensure compliance of all ECO works. They are an extremely dynamic company, always open to discussing any ways in which the users’ experience of the system can be improved. The website is intuitive, the submission process is efficient and the automatic prompts for expiring information are a great way of ensuring that we remain compliant at all times.

We would happily recommend that their system is embraced across the entire industry.

Dr Chandni Patel


The passion and professionalism of the people at D-Risk is second to none. Open honest conversations, total transparency with where our measures were at all times, helping us to correct any problems, the platform does all the accounting and most importantly we were paid correctly and on time.

I thoroughly recommend them to anyone working in ECO.

Neil Harwood

Managing Director

I have had over 20 years of experience delivering energy savings for Supplier Obligations. I have tried the rest but I am now happily using the best.

We and our supply chain cannot praise the d-Risk platform highly enough. I would sum it up as simply brilliant.

When this is backed up by the professionalism of the team you have a winning combination.

John Marchbank

Operations Director Area Eco