d-Risk Scotland

d-Risk Scotland brings innovation to projects within
Scotland to improve Energy Efficiency

We aim to address the challenges of decarbonising Scotland’s energy system for all domestic energy consumers; especially those in social housing, fuel poverty and reliant on electric storage heating.

We are passionate about Energy Efficiency.

With this in mind – here at d-Risk Scotland we have the experience, the expertise and the capabilities to deliver projects from regeneration to innovative technologies with the aim of eradicating fuel poverty without the reliance of ECO.

Why we got involved with Scotland

Scotland have been innovating for years in terms of tackling their housing stock problems they adapt a fresh, creative outlook; d-Risk are a forward-thinking company and have aligned our work with Scottish Energy Policies. The Scottish Energy Strategy outlines the changes it plans to make working with partner organisations to improve overall Energy Efficiency and protect and empower its customers.

What we do

Provide demonstrable and scalable solutions that meet the governments energy policy objectives in the following areas-

Provide solutions to retrofit existing Scottish homes with smart heating controls for all types of electric heating and integrated with the wider Scottish energy system, aligned with better energy tariffs that ensure the tenant or bill payer benefits from their load flexibility

Use the combined strength of our partnerships to create new jobs, a respected supply chain and high-tech manufacturing

Treat all new Scottish eco homes as power stations and integrate their flexibility at scale into the wider Scottish energy system

Support Scotland’s EV transition with locally built affordable EV chargers backed by an integrated end to end system capable of smart charging, DSR and Vehicle to Grid

Scotland’s principle energy policy drivers consist of a whole-system view with an inclusive energy transition that delivers a smarter local energy model.