ECO Services

At d-Risk, we work to help you – we always have our client’s best interests at heart. All our services are flexible to individuals and companies as we are adaptable to our partner’s requirements whether that be:

Complete expert advice and support throughout the delivery process

Offering a tailored approach to your unique Energy Company Obligation (ECO) requirements

Using one of our unique and bespoke software packages

Through the various services and products, we offer, you can ensure smooth delivery of your obligations from beginning to end with minimal risk and disruption. This can be done either through using our software packages or opting to use us to deliver your entire obligation – we have the flexibility, expertise, experience and track record.

ECO Compliance and Processing

We’re 100% independently audited and verified and undertake a full range of compliance checks throughout the delivery process. Maintaining smooth workflow is essential to keeping risks low. We utilise a rigorous and flexible quality control system with well-established checks covering every stage in the ECO process.

d-Risk now boasts one of the most experienced teams in the industry, with the capability to provide you with accurate insights whenever you need them. Our experienced delivery managers bring a wealth of expertise to companies of all sizes in the day-to-day challenges of meeting commitments, helping to ensure every project stays on track. They are supported by a highly experienced team who can give you detailed insights to help you fulfil your obligations to the letter. ​


Accessing funding can be a very daunting task, in particular for organisations who may not have experience of ECOs or a designated ECO manager. This element of our service seeks to remedy this by providing an expert team to support our client’s requirements – whatever their funding requirements may be, from self-gen pipeline through to a sizeable project.

Our innovative approach and strong utility relationships means that higher levels of funding can be accessed quickly whilst improving cost-effectiveness and allowing more funds to go to those who need them the most.

Installation and Supply chain management

Our extensive national supply chain is currently made up of around 20 strategic partners, who provide us with the flexibility to deliver of all types of measures and projects whether large or small. Our software provides our partners with full visibility of workloads together with full scalable reporting which in turn allows us and our clients full control of progress and delivery. For the efficiency, effectiveness and smooth running of our supply chain, our software has in-built supplier support and real-time communication. These give partners a clear view of project progress and status, as well as a means of effective, accurate communication when support is needed.

Software Solutions

Whilst our software solutions have been designed predominantly for use in the energy efficiency industry, their functionality and flexibility allow for the software to be tailored to any client’s requirements. It can be scaled up to a full-service delivery offering or down to platform licensing that integrates with their approach at any level.

Our purpose-built software, Platform d-Risk, provides a cost-effective way for our strategic partners to access funding easily, to increase the transparency of the workflow and to improve quality for the end-user. By frontloading and completing the Final Determination checks both prior to, during and immediately following an install, the platform also allows for more efficient access to funding. Our platform has been used for multiple projects receiving funding from £1,000 to in excess of £500,000; indeed, we have successfully managed funding for projects ranging from single dwellings to large-scale refurbishments and innovative technology implementations.

We also have newly released products such as CAVcheck, RIRIcheck, E-comply, EV-comply & MYKUT which cover all aspects of the ECO industry – please see our product page for more information.

The technology is designed and maintained by industry experts and leads the way in bringing transparency to workflow; designed to work independently or with internal systems, it allows clients and installers alike to access key details throughout the delivery process.

Innovative Projects

We work alongside our partners to help energy stakeholders offer innovative flexibility and Demand Side Response backed offerings which enable us to maximise existing and new installations from electric vehicle charging and PV systems to District heating systems and heat pumps. The decarbonization of heating and transport requires customer flexibility and provides new energy suppliers and energy service company vast opportunities.

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