We are all aware of the dangers to the planet that plastic carries and the ban on plastic straws is one of the more recent moves to eradicate the use of the product and push for a more sustainable planet.

However there has been a back lash in the shift away from plastic straws, McDonald’s being the main company to receive serious complaints over their greener policies. There is a genuine petition set up to bring back plastic straws and remove paper straws and while yes we can all agree, the soggy paper straws are not ideal, are we really so selfish to petition for the return of such a damaging product for the sake of a fast food drink? Is it really that detrimental to people’s lives to use a paper straw? We think not.

Let’s break it down into layman’s terms,

A McDonald’s drink or any purchased drink for that matter from either fast food restaurants or bars are around 400ml give or take for an average/medium sized cup. Most people will take around 20 minutes to drink this kind of drink, if you are in great company and the conversation is flowing let’s say more like 30-40 minutes and if you are dying of thirst and feel like you’ve done a marathon around the Sahara then maybe 10 minutes or less, still leaving the average at 20 minutes.

A plastic straw takes 200 years to decompose. TWO HUNDRED. So, for every minute you are enjoying your drink, your burdening the planet with 10 years’ worth of plastic waste.

1 minute = 10 years of plastic

Is it worth it? We think not.

Marine life is suffering due to our use of plastic. Studies have been carried out across a variety of species and found that animals such as turtles, fish, whales and dolphins are dying from the consumption of plastic. This is either due to their stomachs failing or they are starving as their stomachs are too full to consume the food they need.

Not only can marine life consume plastic, they can become trapped and injured by plastic that floats around in the water. Turtles as an example have been found with plastic straws caught in their noses and becoming lodged in their airways which is fatal.

It is fair to say the ban on plastic straws will not save the world, at least not alone. However, in terms of reducing plastic usage think it through – we all use plastic at some point in the day.

Pens at work? Carrying shopping home? Plastic packaged goods for lunch or dinner? Toothpaste? Our daily routines would be affected if plastic disappeared over night however, does a plastic straw affect your day? Your life? We think not.

For anyone whose life will be drastically affected by not being able to use a plastic straw, fear not. There are alternatives! Purchase yourself a reusable/metal straw, they are cheap and can be used more than once. Huge retailers are now stocking reusable straws with eBay selling them from 99p. ASDA offer a pack of 3 for £2.50 so you can leave one at home, one in work and one on your person for straw emergencies!

You can even buy yourself a personalised reusable straw to add your initials or give as a gift. You could even inscribe ‘McDonald’s’ onto the straw in remembrance of their plastic straws which have left so many people in a state of mourning.

Please see the links below to the reusable straws we have stated, should you purchase one? We think YES!